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communication with Centerpoint

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Our customers see these typical results

  • 90% reduced lead time

    Centerpoint's object-orientated approach to creating templates enables customers to reduce their document lead time by up to 90%.

  • Better customer experience

    With Centerpoint as a centralized communication platform, customers send the right message to their customers way faster via their preferred channel.

  • Hours cut

    Shortly after implementing Centerpoint, customers save hours from their developers and business users each day while reducing reliance on IT.

Use cases by industry

Here is how banks, insurance companies, life and pension providers, membership organizations, and government agencies typically use Centerpoint for customer communication.

Financial services

Use Centerpoint for account and credit card statements, know-your-customer processes, loan and mortgage applications, customer onboarding, and new account openings.

Insurance and pension

Use Centerpoint for yearly statements, customer onboarding, know-your-customer processes, and updated terms and conditions.

Membership organizations

Use Centerpoint for invoices, membership certificates, customer onboarding, newsletters, and one-on-one member interactions.

Government agencies

Use Centerpoint for high volumes of documents produced by government agencies for citizens and organizations. Proof of residence as an example.

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