Utdanningsforbundet consolidates their CCM solutions within their insurance domain
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Utdanningsforbundet consolidates their CCM solutions within their insurance domain

Utdanningsforbundet organizes more than 190,000 teachers and managers in kindergartens, schools, and the rest of the education system. To become a member, a person must be a qualified teacher or hold other credentials required to work within the educational sector. They offer a variety of services to their members; one is insurance (Utdanningsforbundet is a reseller of insurance policies) with more than 400,000 active insurance policies.


Utdanningsforbundet wanted to consolidate the Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions they were using. They also wanted to move the production of communication in-house to have better control and become more effective. The objective was to create a more efficient setup for creating templates, distributing communication, and moving away from printed communication. Effectiveness and reliability are critical as they have a short time span in which their invoices must be created and distributed. With the “digital first” initiative, it was imperative that the new platform could distribute to digital mailboxes.

Some of the criteria Utdanningsforbundet was evaluating were:

  • A modern and secure cloud-based CCM solution
  • Consolidation of creating and distributing customer communication
  • In-house production of print and digital communication
  • A solution that could manage the distribution of both post and digital mailboxes, and my pages



The project is part of Utdanningsforbundet’s ongoing digitalization journey. They created a task force with members representing support, service, product development, and marketing. This way all requirements and needs were covered in the planning and implementation phase.

The solution proposed by Metaforce included:

  • Building any page-oriented document templates for print and digital communication
  • Batches and on-demand, including step-by-step letter editing processes
  • Distribution to Digipost
  • Archiving



The consolidation of the CCM solutions in Utdanningsforbundet was, and still is, a critical component of their digital transformation journey. Implementation of Metaforce has helped save time and money by reducing the number of solutions used, improving customer experience and

  • Moved to a modern and secure cloud-based platform
  • Digital first approach for communication
  • Ownership of the production and update of communication templates
  • Saving time and money

"We wanted to consolidate our solutions for customer communication within the insurance domain to achieve better control of our communication and become more effective. Metaforce’s platform helped us achieve significant savings – both in terms of money and time. And we’re moving to a digital-first approach, with most of our communication distributed via online channels."

 - Thomas Albertsen, Technical Team leader