Bluestep Bank leverages Centerpoint to simplify on demand communication

Bluestep Bank leverages Centerpoint to simplify on demand communication

Bluestep Bank is a challenger in the Nordic mortgage market and constitutes a modern alternative to traditional banks. They offer their mortgage services in Sweden, Norway and Finland. As a specialized mortgage bank, they focus their efforts on helping those who for various reasons are excluded from the traditional banking sector and as such work very bespoke with each customer to find a tailored solution for their finance needs.

The challenge  

Bluestep Bank sought improvements in their onboarding process and aimed for a quick time to market to support a new business initiative. In the effort to find customized solutions for financing their customers’ needs there are many stakeholders included, which adds complexity to the processing with several documents required across a multitude of mortgage borrowers for one loan. They also required document templates across three languages. 

The search for a solution led Bluestep Bank to seek efficiency in handling a large volume of letters with consideration for  the risks associated with large batch processes. The bank, known for its creativity and innovation, aimed to divest non-core business functions and reduce dependencies on development resources. 

The solution 

In their pursuit of a strategic partner, Bluestep Bank selected Metaforce based on their cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and strong customer references. The implementation of Centerpoint Pages was choosen as the solution to create on-demand communication templates. Bluestep seamlessly transmits data from their business systems to the Centerpoint Pages SaaS solution, where documents are generated in the cloud and quickly distributed through preferred channels. 

Outsourcing the development of document templates across multiple languages to Metaforce Professional Services ensured a comprehensive and tailored approach. Centerpoint Pages not only provided unified access to data but empowered business users to independently generate documents with ready-made templates, creating a self-sufficient and efficient workflow. 


The collaboration with Metaforce and the use of the Centerpoint SaaS solution have produced positive results for Bluestep Bank. With one solution across several countries Bluestep Bank has been able to free up internal resources from updating and maintaining document templates, and the on-demand workflow helps the business to increase personalization.  

Notably, the transition to an on-demand setup has minimized production disturbances, eliminating dependencies on large batch document loads and ensuring a streamlined and efficient operational process.