AMF uses Centerpoint to reduce time-to-market for their customer communication

AMF uses Centerpoint to reduce time-to-market for their customer communication

AMF is a pension company providing simple and safe occupational pension solutions with high returns at low costs. AMF manages approximately SEK 660 billion in shares, real estate, and interest-bearing paper for about 4 million savers. This makes AMF one of Sweden's leading pension companies with approximately 350 employees and one of the largest owners on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. AMF is a life insurance joint-stock company owned in equal parts by LO and Svenskt Näringsliv. The company is run according to mutual principles, meaning the profit entirely goes to the savers.


In 2022, AMF decided that to meet changes and developments in the market, a new Customer Communication Management platform was needed. They are consolidating and streamlining their internal processes to help produce and, to some extent, distribute communication to customers faster and in-house.

The overall goal of AMF was to create a modern and secure communication platform to reduce risk and increase value to their customers. A new, reliable, and flexible communication management platform was a critical part of this initiative. AMF wanted to create a cost-effective process and reduce the time-to-market for their communication. This included producing communication in-house. The project is part of AMF’s digital transformation journey.

Some of the requirements were:

  • A scalable cloud solution to help build a future-proof infrastructure
  • Easy to implement platform
  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • User friendly
  • Ability to produce communication in-house
  • Long-term partner with an in-depth understanding of AMF’s requirements
  • Local support when needed
  • Competitive and attractive pricing model


Metaforce Centerpoint is a modular platform, meaning AMF had the option of choosing which modules they needed right now and which modules they wanted to add later or not use at all. The service gives AMF access to a cloud-based Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform for developing and maintaining templates to produce batch, on-demand, and manual communication, delivered as a SaaS service.

The current setup for AMF includes two modules, one for producing communication and distributing and notifying their clients.

Centerpoint Pages

With Centerpoint Pages, AMF can develop templates and processes in-house to produce all types of communication (one-off and scheduled communication and personal letters).

All template logic and processes are developed in the development tool Centerpoint Pages. The templates are then made available to colleagues working with customer communication.


Letters are created using Centerpoint’s Salesforce integration. It is easy to edit and manage letters in a step-by-step process. The letters are then distributed to AMF's digital archive.

Centerpoint Omnichannel

All communication from Centerpoint Pages is distributed via AMF’s customers’ preferred channel. This can be via postal mail or a digital mailbox such as Kivra. For postal mail, a file will be sent to AMF’s preferred print supplier for postal distribution.

Why Metaforce Centerpoint

When AMF started working on consolidating all of its CCM platforms, some of the essential requirements were:

  • Easy to use
  • Meet industry security requirements
  • On-brand communication by using just one platform
  • Save time and money by having everything in one place

“The key differentiator with this project was the attention Metaforce paid to AMF as a customer. They spent time getting to know AMF and their processes and applied their industry knowledge even before the project started. For AMF, this was important due to the complexity and importance of the project.”

 - My Cato, Head of Procurement at AMF