The Swedish SaaS industry is today larger than ever, which makes us very pleased and encouraged to have been listed as one of 22 companies in this category identified as a “Rising star” with a growth trajectory to keep an eye on.

Digital is a prerequisite in modern B2C communication, and with our Centerpoint SaaS platform our customers can swiftly gear communication into online dialogs. It contains all the functions needed to build interactive digital dialogs (forms, documents, and messages). It is easy to set up dialogs for one or several parties to interact digitally – and it can be deployed anywhere - on websites, in online portals, or for text messages and email.

Being listed a rising star is a testament to the strong market driver to digitize interactive processes, and our hosted set-up providing a predictable and transparent operational cost structure that takes away the strenuous legwork updating and maintaining online dialog solutions - leaving IT teams with more time to focus on staying ahead of the pace of innovation and focus on core systems.