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Use Centerpoint to confidently orchestrate communication with your customers in a personal and smooth omnichannel fashion. At all times.


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A customer communication management (CCM) platform isn't just a solution for big businesses. It's for all sizes that want to create stronger connections with their customers.

Here's how straightforward it's with Centerpoint:

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    Join your business systems to Centerpoint and empower your entire organization to make your brand your customer's favorite brand.

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    Use your data to create your written communication templates and reduce your document lead time in a flexible object-orientated approach.

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    Delight customers with personal, timely, and relevant communication from print and PDF to online dialogs using your data.

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    Archive your customer communication in one safe location with Centerpoint’s archive solution (or your own).

All the building blocks you need to develop, manage, produce, distribute, notify, present, sign, and archive all your business communication

Connecting your business systems to Centerpoint enables unified customer communication and brings significant efficiency gains — without altering your existing systems.

Let's take a look.

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Centerpoint Pages

With Centerpoint Pages, you use your data to create page-oriented templates for automated batch and on-demand communication. And because you can restrict who can create, edit, and access templates, you're securing that everything stays consistent, on-brand, and compliant. The object-oriented approach to creating templates is so easy you don't even have to involve IT.


Centerpoint Editor

Avoid time-consuming manual work. Editor makes things simple. It's where your administrators edit interactive letters in a step-by-step process created by your developers in Centerpoint Pages. And because the Editor is accessed directly from your business systems, there's no need to learn a new tool. So your team is editing in no time.


Centerpoint Studio

Studio contains all the functions you need to build online dialogs (HTML forms, documents, and messages) in a no-code object-oriented approach. Just set up each dialog for one or several parties to interact and sign digitally. And deploy anywhere. On your website, online portals, or send it to a customer via text or email using Centerpoint.


Centerpoint Dialogs

Put all your online dialogs into the hands of your business users. Use Centerpoint Dialogs separately or integrate them with your CRM. The data from your digital dialogs, like KYC processes to loan applications and typical agreements, can be pre-populated and fed back to your business systems. And your team can easily track the status from in progress to close.

That's not all, folks

There are even more ways to improve your customer dialog.

Let's see what else you can do.


Centerpoint Workflow

Replace complicated and time-consuming paper-based processes. With Workflows, you can orchestrate all your digital dialogs from your business systems to external databases. And you can also pre-populate and collect data and automatically distribute, request digital signatures, and archive. Or even trigger a new dialog or activate another workflow based on your customer's action. It's automagic.


Centerpoint Archive

The archive makes it fast and easy to store all your customer communication data, such as PDFs, digital dialogs, and eSignatures. It's secure and the easiest way to archive. You can even integrate and access it with your business systems. And customers via your customer portal. It's great, but you do have the option to use your existing archiving solutions.


Centerpoint Signature

With CenterPoint Signature, your customers can review and eSign HTML-based documents or PDFs produced in Centerpoint Pages, Editor, and Dialogs. You can even upload PDF documents not produced in Centerpoint and request signatures from one or multiple customers.


Centerpoint Omnichannel

Give your customers thoughtful reminders. With Omnichannel, you can notify customers when new communication is available in your customer portal. Or easily send to print services or digital mailboxes. Select the way you prefer or your customer's preference. And leave an audit trail for your customer service and compliance matters.

Typical and untypical questions.

Can't find your answers here? We'd be happy to answer them. Talk to our experts.

How do we get started?

We have a detailed onboarding plan which is customized to each client’s specific needs. We start with a kick-off meeting, either in person or online, depending on your preference. You will be assigned a Technical Project Manager to guide you through the implementation process.

Can we use data from our existing business systems?

Yes. It’s easy to connect your existing business systems to the Centerpoint platform. This means you can use data you already have to create on-brand, and personalized communication to your customers.

What does onboarding look like?

Yes, we offer a detailed onboarding plan. The plan includes training on creating your own templates and processes, training for business users, and any other custom training you need to get started.

What makes Centerpoint different from other CCM providers?

Centerpoint is a highly flexible CCM platform designed for all aspects of customer communication. Our platform allows you to create templates and processes to deliver omnichannel batch, on-demand, interactive letters and online dialogs from one platform – without the involvement of your IT department.

We’re a small organization. Is Centerpoint affordable?

We believe that sophisticated CCM platforms should be for everyone – not just for enterprise giants. Our pricing model is based on things like volume, number of users, and your internal setup to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

Does Centerpoint integrate with our CRM and core business systems?

Yes. Our platform is flexible and can integrate with most CRM systems and core business systems. This allows business users to initiate all their customer communication from a familiar user interface rather than having to learn how to use a new system. We are continuously adding new integrations to make our customers’ lives easier.

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