Traveling in time with
people in communication

Here's the heroic story of how a gradual and continuous development in customer communication management sparked a revolution.

How it started

A long, long time ago, in 2003, before smartphones, the safest way to communicate was to send paper by mail. That's when we created a print hub that enabled companies to connect their business systems and quickly produce millions of personalized and relevant printed documents and forms in a uniform way.

The day the revolution began

In April 2007, we held an iPhone in our hands for the first time. And were flabbergasted. We immediately saw the potential. But also the threats. Clinging on to print and paper would take us nowhere.

That's why we invented the world's first cloud-based, secure digital mailbox service – Brevo (Lettero in English). We built it on a new cloud platform from Microsoft called Azure. Very few knew what Azure was then. We sold Brevo to a competing mailbox service (Kivra) in 2013.

At that time, Brevo was one of the biggest digital mailbox services in the world. And we're very proud of that. It was also one of the first mission-critical applications approved by an EU country (Sweden) for storing sensitive personal information in the cloud.

That made mama very proud.

Gradually moving away from paper-based communication

Because the mission has always been to help our customers improve their customer communication. We've expanded a powerful CCM solution with secure cloud-based archiving and distribution solutions, online dialogs, and eSign services.

And in that evolution, gradually helping customers shift from paper-based touch to online dialogs.

Since 2003, large insurance companies, banks, government agencies, and membership organizations have trusted us for their business-critical communication. But we believe great customer communication should be available for all organizations, big or small.

Actually, it's more than a belief. It's reality. From giant to tiny, businesses of all sizes rely on the same platform to handle all their written communication — Centerpoint, the CCM platform for everyone.

We're aspirational, have decades of experience, and want to be the leading CCM provider. And we'll keep making mama proud by offering the right functions for an incredible price and helping our customers (you) save significant amounts of time and money.

It's a fun ride. You should join.

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