Berit Petters, our Sales Director at Metaforce and experienced from several years in the InsurTech and FinTech industry was asked to answer three questions on the competitive and changing market that puts pressure on our customers to adopt new strategies for customer communication.  Explore her enlightening answers presented here.  

  1. What demands are businesses facing to meet customer communication needs?

    You only have to go to yourself and your interaction with your bank or insurer and how you wish to be treated and serviced – you probably want to receive both outstanding personal service as well as have easy digital access to relevant information and communication processes. Businesses need to consider both these aspects to stay competitive in a changing communication landscape, from the perspective of successfully retaining existing clients as well as attracting new ones. To be relevant in the future you really need to understand your customer's expectations and demands. There is a strong trend towards digitalizing customer communication, but you may also need to cater for an existing customer base that expect and feel more comfortable with printed communication.

  2. How do businesses need to compete?

    It is key that you think through and build the foundation for the future while at the same time cater for existing customer needs. To be relevant in the future you really need to understand your customer’s expectations and demands and have a communication platform that can scale and be flexible. You need to be able to choose how and where you service your clients.

  3. What does business need to address to meet demands and stay competitive? 

    You need to understand your customers and their different needs in different situations. Every customer wants to be seen and heard. If you manage to do that in a digital landscape with a personal touch you can create the foundation to retain and grow your business.

    From a system and services perspective this means having access to all relevant data so that you can make customer communication highly personalized and relevant.  Your business should be able to access all the information they require from existing business system to help personalize and make the communication speak to individual customers.

    To maintain service levels for existing customers you need to be able to support both paper-based and digital communication. You should ensure that your solution can support your organization throughout your digital transformation journey in a dynamic way.

    And not to forget; to future proof your communications solution you should be investing in an open platform with modern APIs that allows you to connect to any business relevant systems in your ecosystem.