In today's digital landscape, where personalized experiences are the norm, the importance of making communication relevant to customers has never been more vital. Users, be it in music, video, social media, or fintech, expect interactions tailored to their preferences. This transformative trend is reshaping customer expectations, rendering generic messages obsolete.

This article explores the challenges faced by organizations in delivering relevant customer interactions amid fragmented application landscapes. It highlights the key role of a Customer Communication Center-of-Excellence (CoE) supported by advanced technology and expertise in overcoming these hurdles, paving the way for organizations to exceed customer expectations in a dynamic digital landscape.

The Importance of making your communication more relevant to your customers
In today's interconnected digital landscape, individuals have become accustomed to personalized experiences offered by various services and apps. Whether in music, video, social media, or fintech applications, users expect tailored interactions aligned with their preferences. This trend is reshaping the expectations customers have for company communication. The era of generic, one-size-fits-all messages is long gone. Relevance in communication now extends beyond content; it involves engaging customers through their preferred channels, which may evolve throughout their journey—from emails and digital mailboxes to corporate 'My Pages' and even physical mail for specific demographics. 

Roadblocks faced by organizations to achieve this
Organizations often encounter challenges in delivering relevant customer interactions due to fragmented application landscapes. Siloed information handling exacerbates the issue, as customer communication capabilities are frequently built on top of these silos. This complexity hinders companies from providing a consistent and personalized customer experience. To overcome these roadblocks, organizations need to consolidate data and streamline communication capabilities. This involves breaking down information silos and adopting a unified approach that ensures a seamless and flexible customer experience across preferred channels. 

How can these challenges be addressed?  
The key to overcoming these challenges lies in establishing a Customer Communication Center-of-Excellence (CoE). This entity, supported by a future-proof Customer Communications Management (CCM) or Customer Experience Management (CXM) technology platform and a knowledgeable team, acts as the linchpin for various organizational segments. By centralizing expertise, the CoE ensures a consistent and standardized approach to customer communication. This strategic initiative enables organizations to respond swiftly to market demands, reducing lead times for developing new communication capabilities and adapting to emerging channels. The combination of cutting-edge technology and domain expertise empowers the organization to bridge the gap between siloed applications and deliver a unified, personalized customer experience.

In conclusion, embracing relevance in customer communication requires a shift from outdated, generic approaches. Establishing a Customer Communication CoE, supported by advanced technology and a knowledgeable team, is instrumental in navigating the challenges posed by fragmented landscapes. This strategic initiative paves the way for organizations to not only meet but exceed customer expectations in an evolving digital landscape.