We are facing a paradigm shift. Digitization, the fourth industrial revolution, is, in many ways, being driven by written communication on smartphones. People are online 24/7. This opens up fantastic opportunities for creating faster, safer, more cost-effective and tailored dialogue between individuals and organizations.

As the value of written communication increases, your organization’s ability to create personalized messages, letters and documents becomes an ever more strategic part of your business.


"Our vision is to make it easier for people and businesses around the world to communicate through written channels"



is to develop a wide range of standardized programs and services that help businesses in the private and public sectors simplify their work around creating and maintaining communication processes, so improving their dialogue with customers and other stakeholders.


is to build a profitable and engaging company by helping our customers to communicate and interact with their customers and other stakeholders through digital and postal channels.


for fulfilling our mission is to invest in agile development processes and cloud services. We work hard to optimize our entire value chain, and to build long-term relationships with leading consulting firms and with Microsoft.