Innovation is all about combining things we already know about in new and unexpected ways. When Metaforce was founded by Erik Kremel and Krister Svärd in 2003 smartphones didn’t even exist. The most common way of communicating with large groups of individuals was still with the help of paper and envelopes. But the internet, SMS and email did exist…

Erik and Krister realized that the Internet would transform written communication from the bottom up. They knew that the written word was leaving paper behind, to be replaced by new opportunities for smarter customer dialogue. From this insight a new idea was born: Developing software that would help businesses to use written communication to create a personal, relevant and effective dialogue between customers and other stakeholders across multiple channels.

When Björn Junge, today’s CEO, joined Metaforce in 2004, he created the vision that still guides us today: to make it easier for people and businesses around the world to communicate through written channels.

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 three of our partners began to take our vision even more seriously. Two years later they started to develop Brevo, the world's first privately-owned secure digital mailbox. When Brevo was sold to Kivra in 2013, it had almost 300 000 private users!

Today Metaforce has over 50 per cent market share amongst Sweden’s largest insurance companies. We’re ready to take our first big steps beyond the Nordics.