With the Metaforce communication hub it’s easy to organize, manage, develop, produce, distribute and archive letters, documents and messages – all in one simple, consistent system.

With Metaforce as a Service (MaaS) your organization accesses the Nordic region’s leading platform for written communication – direct in the cloud. MaaS makes it quick and easy for you to seize the advantage of digitization, personalizing your customer dialogue the way you want to, in both digital and postal channels.



MaaS, the Metaforce cloud platform for written communication, fits all types and sizes of organization. Connecting your business system to the cloud platform is quick and easy. You can start creating and maintaining templates for letters, documents and messages in a simple, consistent way, reaching out through digital and postal channels.

Maas Flow SE.png


The object-oriented developer environment in MaaS makes it possible to create all kinds of documents and messages in a simple, consistent way. You can also build efficient processes for creating single letters (correspondence letters) that can be edited in Microsoft Word – without having to use Word templates. Once a letter has been edited it can be saved in a neutral format (AXML) from which a range of other formats can be produced, e.g. AFP, PDF, HTML, and so on.

managed service

Metaforce can be delivered as a cloud service, or installed on your own servers. We will help you find the solution that suits your business best, in collaboration with our experienced partners. We can deliver Metaforce as a complete solution, a partial solution or as a Managed Service, which lets you focus entirely on your core business and customers.

Please contact us for a quick analysis of your needs.



Fixed monthly fee

Better brand experience across all channels

Facilitates the development and management of business systems

Very fast TTM during change – for e.g. due to regulatory requirements

Supports e-signatures

Centralized process for retrieving data from multiple sources

Supports innovative communication tech that enhance customer experience

Managed Service, so no need to buy technology or hire specialists