The Metaforce program for producing single letters is called MetaWrite. With MetaWrite your business can create consistent, easy-to-use processes that let all employees create all sorts of documents – step-by-step – without having to use Word templates.



MetaWrite is a profitable investment because letters created in MetaWrite can be distributed through a variety of digital channels such as ‘My Messages’ for public authorities, Kivra, E-books and other online meeting points. Because all documents can be saved in a central e-archive, it’s easy to create smart offers and other processes where the recipient gets an email or SMS - and can log in and sign the document digitally.

Documents and attachments that need to be sent by post can be printed centrally in colour, via white line production instead of departmental printers. This radically reduces print and postage costs. It also saves time that can be invested in more valuable tasks - as staff don’t need to print and envelope documents by hand. Calculating all these savings shows that MetaWrite can return on its investment even within its first year.

MetaWrite can be delivered as a cloud service, or installed on your own servers.



Simplifying and centralizing processes in Metaforce communication hub, instead of using Word templates, saves time and makes it easier to maintain a consistent graphic profile in all your business correspondence and documents. It also makes it easier to manage changes in documents, due to, for example, regulatory requirements.


When you build letter processing into Metaforce it lets your staff learn how to create a range of letters and documents, step-by-step, and add different kinds of digital attachments - saving time and increasing the quality of your customer dialogue. It cuts the number of unnecessary calls made to your Customers Service centre, as well as reducing printing costs on brochures and information sheets.