In an ever more digital world, a secure, well-functioning e-archiving system is essential. It is a vital prerequisite for both creating interactive processes, and meeting legal requirements on standards of proof like, for example, digitally signed contracts and documents.



Metaforce archiving system is called ViewPoint. It stands out from other e-archives because its files are stored with a AXML file instead of a PDF. When a user wants to look at a document in ViewPoint, it’s presented to them in their own PDF client.

ViewPoint is optional. Metaforce communication hub can also deliver PDF files and PDF/A files to other document archives.



AXML is a neutral file format created by Metaforce communication hub. It contains all the graphic instructions for a particular document including references to shared resources such as fonts, images and so on. This means that an AXML file takes up much less disk space than a PDF file.

An AXML file contains all the data that created the document, and this ViewPoint data can be shared with other systems – for example a CRM system or a BI system. The latter is important if you want to tailor your dialogue with the individual recipient of a document. AXML files can, naturally, also be signed digitally.

ViewPoint can be delivered as a cloud service, or installed on your own servers.