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The Customer Portal is designed to support you who works with the Metaforce product suite. The content will be based on your and others customers needs and wishes. Here, we will inform you about new updates, upcoming versions, and share common questions and answers from our support. If you already have information that you would like to share with other Metaforce users or have a request for information you are welcome to contact us.



Version 9 contained big improvements from earlier versions in terms of content and appearance. For example, support for CMYK images and vector graphics in MetaTool, new content in color definitions, a new data type feature and improved memory management which provides a more robust solution.

Interact version 10 has further improvements as improved data conversion, 64-bit, HTML5 support and responsive presentation. Read the release notes below for more information.


Are you using Interact version 7 today and are considering upgrade? Contact us at customerportal@metaforce.se and we will contact you!


Metaforce in the cloud

Several of our customers have chosen Metaforce as a cloud service in Microsoft Azure, instead of on-premise.

If you would like more information about Metaforce cloud solutions, please contact us at customerportal@metaforce.se


install Metaforce

The installation package consists of two different parts. The installation files for Metaforce kernel software MetaEngine, MetaConvert, MetaBatch, MetaTool and MetaSolution, and the install files for fonts. Metaforce Interact is installed locally for any document developer and on servers or in the cloud.

Install Metaforce version 9

Install Metaforce version 10

questions & answers

We have created a FAQ page on the Customer space. Occasionally, questions come to our support dept. Questions and answers that are of a general nature will be shared on the FAQ page so that everyone can access them. We will also publish examples of solution suggestions and other tips.

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Curious about our product for so-called Single letter production? Just click the video below to learn more.



If you need to get in touch with document developers, integration specialists, customer managers or educators, please contact us at support@metaforce.se