To say we were pleased would be putting it lightly. Because of course when a client reflexively ‘verbs’ you it speaks volumes. What does the move from a noun to a verb tell you about your product or service?

Well first off, it’s a sure sign that to them your product isn’t just something useful, it’s essential, necessary, non-negotiable. Something they have to do, an inevitable part of their working lives – as natural as breathing, walking, talking, or - well, Googling.


Being verbed was a natural step in our evolution. For us, from the beginning, Customer Communication Management was never an ‘add-on’ on the peripheries of an organization - it’s always been the brain, the very centre of a business’ nervous system. An agile, fluid, elegant CCM platform gives a business unparalleled control over how it acts and reacts to customers and does business with the world. It makes a business faster, more responsive and more agile. It’s an integral, dynamic part of the infrastructure – as essential as your IT network, car fleet, or the flow of data and electricity through your systems and premises.


And being verbed speaks volumes too about the nature of ‘documents’ themselves - as well as CCM. It reflects something we’ve known for ages, built our business around, and spend a lot of time sharing with our customers. Namely, this:

Your documents are no longer objects. They’re actions. They’re processes. They’re fluid, shifting, ever-changing, always on the move. To put it simply – your documents are verbs – something your customers DO, not nouns – something they just RECEIVE. For example, here in Sweden the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) says one of the fastest-growing platforms citizens use to fill in their annual tax returns is… SMS. A whole year’s tax returns - approved on the bus or in the car. It’s not what most of us think of as “documents” or “doing our accounts.” But it should be.

Our interaction around documents these days is just that - interaction, with the emphasis firmly on the ‘action’. Think about it – when was the last time you sat down with a customer, vendor or regulatory official and conducted a meeting around a pile of printed documents? Transactions, brainstorming, planning – we do all of it now digitally, and so do our customers, regulators and suppliers.


And it doesn’t just include ‘small’ transactions – big-picture, strategic, regulatory and planning documents too are increasingly digitalized and multichannel. An agile central platform that has adaptability and flexibility built-in lets business’ not just react to change - but drive it forward, and own it.

We don’t just navigate the small currents of change digitally – the grand rapids of regulatory change and compliance are just as likely to be planned, negotiated and handled onscreen as our tax returns or monthly bills. A company is as likely to manage, negotiate and plan a PDS or compliance process on digital mobile channels as an invoice batch or DM maildrop.

We have well over 50% market share of insurance companies here in Sweden. Our insurance clients Metaforce their communications to millions and millions of their customers. And our insurance clients are old hands at compliance and regulatory agility. Regulation drives their industry. They know that in an era of constantly changing regulatory demands being able to centralize swift, responsive, easily-adjusted documentation is not just an advantage - it’s a survival mechanism. It’s not just an ‘add-on’ - it’s infrastructure. It’s not just at the periphery of your business - it’s part of its brain. So use your brain. Act now. Because your documents aren’t just things – they’re vital, essential actions. Your documents are verbs. So Metaforce them. Today.