For banks and financial institutions digitalization offers a range of new opportunities for creating faster, more cost-effective, secure and interactive customer dialogue. With a smartphone, your customer has their bank in their pocket, 24/7. Our unique Metaforce communication hub lets you seize every possible digital opportunity: turning your documents into effective client meetings that strengthen your costumer experience. It makes it easier to keep and grow your existing customers, and attract new ones.




In many banks and customer services, staff still use a huge range of different Word templates to produce letters which are then printed and put into envelopes manually. Done this way printing and enveloping can swallow up years of a company’s time. Add in the cost of printing, paper and postage, and it’s easy to see that the cost per letter is very high.

With MetaWrite it is easy to create consistent, easy-to-use processes that let all employees create all sorts of documents – step-by-step – without having to use Word templates. Because all letters can be saved and archived electronically it’s also easy to create smart offers and other processes - where the recipient gets an email or SMS, and can log in and sign the documents digitally.


“We have ‘Metaforced’ all our document processes, reducing our time to market for document-based communication by nearly 80 percent.” ”

- Skandia



Many banks have a range of old but crucial IT operating systems installed to create letters and paper documents. So it can be time-consuming for IT departments to implement new communication processes, leading to higher IT costs and losses due to longer sales cycles, missed opportunities, lower CLV and so on.

With Metaforce the old systems are an asset, not a problem. Because all the document templates are gathered centrally in the Metaforce communication hub you don’t have to make any changes to your existing IT systems. Your staff can focus on talking to customers, instead of waiting round for your IT department. And your IT department can spend its time on other, more valuable jobs.


When it comes to handling financial documents almost every department in the bank is involved – product management, sales, legal, IT, accounting, marketing, customer service and others. A huge number of documents need to be created, developed and managed; contracts, tenders, loan applications, invoices, reports, product descriptions and more. Handling financial documents requires efficient teamwork!

The Metaforce communication hub gives every part of your business the tools it needs to work quickly, efficiently and securely on all sorts of documents. Many of our customers say they work 70–80 per cent faster when having to make changes to documents - due to, for example, regulatory requirements. Metaforce helps you set up a single, solid centre of competence for written communication.